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Happy Birthday Jon

We transform water that takes away life . . . into water that gives life.

On Tuesday, February 22, we spent Jon’s 33 birthday traversing the rugged landscape of Haiti – from ocean to ocean, over tall mountains and through dense jungle, from Port de Paix to Port au Prince to Petionville to Leogane to Jacmel, into the ocean, under the waterfall. Our trusty guide, Fritz G. Pierre-Louie, carried us to and through ancient hidden treasures of Haiti.

And even while celebrating Jon’s birthday we completed two clean-water distributions and trainings, from the northern most city in Haiti to the southern most village, crisscrossing the entire country via airplanes and off-road machines and finally by foot on jungle trails.

This is what we love to do: Bringing clean water and having fun, celebrating the fact that when we arrive we meet people suffering from the consequences of drinking from a water source that takes away life and when we say “Farewell’ and disappear down a dusty dirt road these same people are now drinking water that gives abundant life.

Happy birthday Jon . . .  www.wavesforwater.org

2 Comments on “Happy Birthday Jon”

  1. 1 Lisa Atkinson said at 11:33 am on February 28th, 2011:

    Happy Birthday Jon. Happy Life Jack. That is your new nickname ~ Happy Life Jack.

  2. 2 Lisa Atkinson said at 11:42 am on February 28th, 2011:

    “Even The Rain” : a great feature film (Spain’s entry into Oscar competition) … about many things including water as a form of modern colonialism. Set against a story of filmmakers from Spain on location in Bolivia attempting to make a feature film about colonialism of the past that forcibly took resource-wealth from the land, and the human-right-of-use from the original people. The filmmakers emotionally mature and grown as humans, when they unexpectedly get caught up in the water protests by the indigenous to ensure free water for their children.

    About Water Protests of year 2000 February and March that broke out daily in Cochabamba, Bolivia

    Youtube Movie Trailer: