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Dialogue — "Water for Everyone"

Water for Everyone –  dialogue between a boy and a girl, somewhere in the United States.

by Jack Rose

What if the only water we had to drink came out of the L.A. River?

Or Malibu Creek? or any creek?

What if we lived In Africa and had to walk for hours everyday just to bring water from muddy streams back to our house?

What if we got typhoid or cholera. . . or dysentery?

What if 5 million of us died this year from drinking bad water?

Every year!

What if someone decided this was unacceptable?

What if we started to catch the rain that fell on our school house?

And channeled it through gutters.

And stored it in giant water tanks?

It isn’t rocket science, is it?

But NASA wants billions of dollars to look for water on Mars.

And then during recess, instead of walking a mile or two down the canyon to get a drink from that funky stream. . .

We just opened the tap on the tank outside our classroom and took a big gulp of the best water we’ve ever tasted.

What if all the thirsty kids around the world could do this?

What if the $20 million spent on one military tank was used to buy 40 thousand water tanks?

Then all the thirsty kids around the world would have fresh rainwater to drink instead of the contaminated stuff.

What if we could make that happen?

We can. My friends and I are helping the Water 4 Everyone initiative right now.


It’s easy. The people there really want clean water to drink, but they don’t have the right rain catching tools.

Water tanks – rain gutters – filters. It’s just a matter of hardware.

Out job is to purchase supplies and help get rainwater harvesting systems set up.

And before you know it, an entire village is drinking the good stuff.

What if everyone could do this?

We’re working on that.

Our goal is ‘Water for Everyone’

I’ll drink to that.

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