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no need to fear the future

Speech for the Youth Environmental Summit in Japan.

Written by Jack Rose . . . Delivered by Dennis Haysbert.


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The Crazy Ones – by Steve Jobs – one minute story


upside down umbrella

When people ask me what a rain catcher is, I answer, “An upside down umbrella”. For centuries, architecture and municipal planning leaders have always considered rainwater to be ‘an-enemy-of-the-people’ –  and design our cities and homes with one overriding purpose: to get rainwater away from all buildings as fast as possible. This one minute video from India turns that old paradigm of fear and ingratitude on it’s head.

A simple story: rainwater belongs to each of us – why don’t we collect and share it?

let it rain . . .

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catching fire

 To fulfill its design a car needs fire, a boat, an airplane, a train, each needs fire to move through the world. When the car ceases to run and the airplane is decommissioned, the boat mothballed, it’s because the fire is gone. We call this death. Same goes for us, we die when our fire goes out. So, for as long as we’re here, we need fire to move through the world. When we catch fire there is unlimited energy, creativity and resources. Pierre Teilhard de Chadin said it this way :

“Some day, after we have mastered the winds, the tides, and gravity we shall harness the energies of love. Then for a second time in the history of the world we will have discovered fire”.

My “catching rain” presentations always begin and end with a conversation about the importance of “catching fire”. If we catch fire, water will be plentiful, new opportunities and possibilities will suddenly become obvious, and we will have the energy to implement new solutions to old problems.

The RainCatcher story

August, 2009 – Reporter Jarrod Holbrook and RainCatcher Fred Mango document the installation of rainwater harvesting systems on rural schools across Kenya.


the RainCatcher story

narration – Dennis Haysbert . . . . . . . .cinematography – Jarrod Holbrook

schools in Kenya – Fred Mango . . . . . . . . . . . .music – Wabake by  Samite

editing – Zak Hudson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sound  – Tom Evoniuk

writer + stills  –  Jack Rose

AP News Story – Waves For Water – Haiti

Cholera & Chaos

Cholera & Chaos in Haiti:  Al Jazeera News Story

Game Changer

June 2011 Game Changer Haiti

Hurley – Waves For Water – Nike

in partnership with Nike & Hurley, launched the first Game Changer project:

sport + safe drinking water = Have fun staying alive.

watch the video:



RainCatcher delivers donated Nike soccer balls to schools in Kenya & Uganda – July, 2011

I was fortunate to be involved recently with the Waves For Water  Game Changer Project  in Haiti: Three partners,  W4W, Hurley and Nike, joined forces to bring clean-water systems and 800 new soccer balls to schools across the country. This effort turned out to be a game changer not just for the kids who received, but also for all of us working, from inception to completion, for the past year on this idea. The result: kids get to stay alive and have fun at the same time. 

Shortly after this effort I was getting ready for a big RainCatcher / Beachbody Clean-Water project in Kenya & Uganda. I asked  Tom DeBlasis, of Nike, if we could bring Game Changer balls to our school projects in Africa . . . and he just happened to have 80 bright orange, rubber soccer balls sitting in his office. I carried 44 in my luggage. The rest is history. What a difference a ball makes. Thanks to the collaboration of RainCatcher, Beachbody, Nike and many NGO partners throughout East Africa (including the Catholic Church), thousands of students have replaced homemade soccer balls with real ones.
RainCatcher + Beachbody + Nike = fun and long life for many.

RainCatcher Videos


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