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Common Ground

RainCatcher East Africa Project
Sponsored by Carl Daikeler & Beachbody –
RainCatchers on 22 schools and 2,500 Sawyer clean-water filter systems
“There are many problems in the world that seem unsolvable, clean drinking water isn’t one of them.
Kenya & Uganda: 100% successful mission.
As we venture to the far edges of the earth, bringing goodwill and reverence for life, we are received like firemen at a burning building, except the fire is literally in the belly of innocent children. By the time we leave each school, bouncing down the red dirt roads of equatorial Africa, the fires caused by water-bourne diseases are well on their way to being extinguished.
The awful belly fire is something I know from experience. The pain is like a knife being thrust into your stomach. So, alongside the millions who die from drinking contaminated water, there are countless others who endure intense pain as a part of daily life. Everywhere we go we are greeted by people who know what we know: That securing a reliable source of safe drinking water is the #1 top priority. This shared knowledge is the common ground where our friendships begin and upon which our collaboration continues.
And so begins a journey of hope – with many turns and detours and setbacks. This is the road we have chosen to walk. Our stride is steady, we never stop. The people are amazing and happy . . . and free of the burdens their counterparts endure everyday in the first world.
It is we who receive fulfillment from those we travel far to serve.

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