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Kacumbala Clean Water Project

RainCatcher  +  Peace Corps  =

August, 2011 – Dennis of RainCatcher Uganda teams up with Peace Corps Volunteer, Brian Kobick to restore a dead well and bring clean-water filter systems to schools in Kacumbala village in eastern Uganda . . . cost = $100.

Sesse Islands, Lake Victoria, Uganda

RainCatcher Uganda

While in the field we develop relationships with other humanitarian organizations. Supplies are left with Dennis – RainCatcher Uganda country director –  so that after we return home, our work of bringing safe drinking water to remote villages continues.

Here’s just one example: Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) flew Dennis and water filters to several islands in the Sesse archipelago in Lake Victoria, including Bukasa Island. The families on these islands get their drinking water from the lake, which is polluted and extremely life threatening. Now, thanks to the partnership of RainCatcher and Mission Aviation Fellowship the people on these remote islands in the middle of Africa no longer have to risk serious illness and death from their drinking water.

Ollie Scholarship


Christine, 17    grade 11   Seguku Hill College   Uganda

Ollie Scholarship Program

Students in California made jewelry, and held bake sales, in order to meet the Ollie Challenge of providing enough funds to guarantee that Christine will be able to complete final five semesters and receive her high school diploma.

21 July  2011 – Uganda

Congratulations to both Christine and her new California friends.

www.raincatcher.org    –     www.ollieme.com

Beachbody + RainCatcher =

RainCatcher + Beachbody = h2o 4 150,000

Mark Armfield receiving a $150,000 donation from Carl Daikeler.

RainCatcher and Beachbody join forces to bring rainwater harvesting systems to twelve schools in Kenya / Uganda and our clean-water filter systems to 150,000 people. More stories soon.

Kenya/Uganda Project

Our Kenya/Uganda Project is a joint effort between Water 4 Everyone, Beachbody & RainCatcher.

1-kids @ traditional water sources in Kenya & Uganda (looks like chocolate milk) 2-Carl Daikeler & Father Kizito deciding to do something about this death sentence. 3-by installing rainwater harvesting & filtration systems on 12 schools in Kenya & Uganda. 4-end result of their decision will be thousands of students having their own source of safe drinking water right at school.

Catching Rain in Kenya

Here are some photos of setting up rainwater harvesting systems in Kenya.

The Mua Hills north of Nairobi, Kenya.

The Mua Hills - north of Nairobi, Kenya.

In the Mua Hills, Kenya.

School campus in the Mua Hills, Kenya.

RainCatcher tanks arriving at a village in the Mua Hills, Kenya.

Water storage tanks arriving at a village in the Mua Hills, Kenya.

Peter and Jack in the Mua Hills, Kenya.

Peter and Jack in the Mua Hills, Kenya.

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